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Insurance is the contract between the insurance company and the life or thing proposed.
Before we start thinking about the various insurance plans provided by different insurance companies in India and other M.N.Cs, we need a clear understanding on what is insurance , life insurance, health insurance and LIC insurance and why should we take insurance policies, a funny quote which says “ Insurance is a contract which makes you live poor so that you can die rich”. It may look like a controversial truth but the fact about life insurance has still not been understood by many of us.


Life insurance :
Life insurance is not the policy of assuring a person's life, it is about compensating the financial loses.
It is the person whose life is to be insured he may or may not be the proposer.


Health insurance

Health insurance has created a new revolution to the world of insurance in our country since 2008 our LIC insurance provides the most cheap and easily  accessible health insurance in INDIA. Again I would like to make a clear statement that by taking an health insurance our company does not give an assurance to your health, but it provides an unparallel support by managing your medical expenses.

Why do you need life insurance ?
If you have dependents and financial responsibilities towards then you certainly need life insurance .
Having a family means dependents, which in turn means financial commitments which come in the form of loans, children’s education, medical expenses etc..


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Insurance company :
An insurance company does not secure an individual’s life or their property, but the fact is it gives us the luxury of leading a peaceful life even in the worst scenarios like global economic recession, or in the case of a financial set back in the family during unfortunate incidents like an accident or even the loss of lives. Nothing in this world could compensate such things, but you can prevent your worst nightmare with something that consolidates you your family.

There are 40 different insurance plans available in our LIC insurance which may provide various benefits to the individuals, Irrespective of the person who you are and how much you earn at least one of the given insurance plans from our LIC insurance will match your criteria , by looking at the insurance plans you may get a random idea, but for the clear advice and the actual advantages of these plan you need to contact lic agent chennai (me) and I consider this as a pleasure to serve you. We are here for serving you and I am doing it as more than just a LIC insurance business.  Because, we know the value of each and everyone of your life.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you Think of insurance ?  The first thing that comes to mind is the pesky insurance agent who will not take no for an answer. He tempts you with tax benefit, scares you and pours with the thought of dying and leaving your family and steps in to get your health insurance just in time for you to leave on that holiday abroad. That is not only thing, there are a lot of things that we have to keep in mind while taking insurance plans .

This not your fault, the human mind has such a picture of an insurance agent , eventhough he does not have such intentions of leading your investment into an insurance plans . There are a number of good insurance agents in our lic insurance and I ( lic agent chennai ) who still take this job as a service for our fellow human because we know the value of every human life.

As per the recent insurance policies taken by people of different societies in LIC insurance with lic agent chennai , we suggested the best suitable insurance plans depending on their age, health, family situations, previous life insurance , health insurance and their insurance needs.

Conventional insurance plans :
Jeevan Tarang
Jeevan Anand
Jeevan Saral
Jeevan Bharthi
Jeevan Kishore

Child insurance plans :
Child Career Plan
Child Fortune Plus
Child Future Plus

Unit linked insurance plans :
Money Plus one
Market Plus One
Profit Plus

Top Selling Insurance Plans :
1.Jeevan-Anand - Retire and Enjoy Plan
2.Jeevan-Tarang - Unlimited Money Back Plan
3.New-Janaraksha - A plan for everyone
4.Profit-Plus - High returns from NAV
5.Money-Plus - Flexible Investment Scheme
6.Child-Fortune-Plus - Secure your child’s future
7.Market-Plus - Best ULIP plan
8.Jeevan-Akshay - High Interest than Banks
9.Retire-and-Enjoy - Combinational Plan
10.Akshay-Tarang - Dual High return Scheme

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You have to be careful in choosing the right place for your investment if you don’t want to risk any part of your investment, then i advice you to choose because this is the only company in India which has the record of highest maturity claims and death claims than any other private insurance companies the economic times magazine quoted that LIC insurance is the one company which is capable of determining our country’s economy in future. So far our company has enlightened happiness in countless number of families during unfortunate circumstances.

Insure with us , because we know what is necessarily good for you and the value of every human life. When it comes to insurance choose LIC insurance. Insurance is not considered as just another form of financial protection, it has also served the purpose of supporting a child's education, marriage, accident benefits  and most importantly an incredible source of guaranteed pension.