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Jeevan Tarang

Jeevan Tarang : Can this plan fulfill the requirement of pension?Systematic Investment Plan:Rs.60 lakhs and loyality additions for your near and dear ones.
* It provides excellent planning for second income with adequate * High earnings at initial years can be wisely channelised and receive them later absolutely Tax free.L.I.C. of India

Yes, by all means. One year after completing the selected term you will get 5.5 % of sum assured every year so far as you are alive. It is a regular guaranteed payment.


In today's fast world you should think of solutions for retirement even when you ar young. Take a Jeevan Tarang policy of 10 lakhs for 20 years. Yearly premium comes to Rs. 49920 onl. After 20 years you will get accumulated bonus and after that every year you will get Rs. 55000 as survival benefit (like pension) during your life time. On death your nominee willget Rs. 10 lakhs with Loyality Addition. Suitable plan for creating wealth and securing future for professionals, Working women & Teacher.

Is there any limit of Age for starting Pension?

In other

Systematic Investment Planning (SIP) would ensure a monthly contribution for a certain period which could bring you steady return for the future. Consider taking a 5 lakh policy with yearly premium of Rs.25,541/- for a term of 20 years. Take 12 policies from January to December. After 20 years you will get an attractive bonus. From twenty-first year you will get a guaranteed sum of Rs. 27,500/- every month on each policy (Rs.3,30,000) per year for your entire lifetime. This SIP ensures an

jeevan tarang


Tax Benefits:

Normally all pension plans are taxable. Jeevan Tarang is a tax free insurnace plan. The premiums you pay are eligible for rebate under Sec. 80C upto one lakh. Whatever Survival Benefit you get every year are tax free under Sec 10 (10D) of IT Act. In other plans pension is taxable. Death benefits are also tax free in the hands of nominee.

Plan for an NRI:

It's well suited for NRI's who can plan a secure future, by long term savings plan. You can pay the premium through NRE/NRO accounts. Your claims, maturity value etc eill be credited to the same account. Provide the much needed financial protection to your family by prudent wealth accumulation through


* Lump sum Bonus after expiry of premium paying term comes handy for purchase of office equipments or office expansion, marriage, expenses of children etc.

Most suitable of working women to plan regular income as future provision.


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